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Principal's Message


Welcome to the Tuscarora School District.


Our welcome is sincere.  Each school day we open our school doors, our services and our hearts to every individual who crosses the threshold into our buildings.


Tuscarora School District has much for which to be thankful in the devotion and care that staff exhibit in caring for their respective job roles.  We expect the best efforts of teachers, support staff and administrators to ensure that our children receive a quality educational experience.  Our schools are proud of the surrounding community.  This pride reflects the way we feel about our students, their parents, and the physical surroundings in which we find ourselves.  Our students are eager to learn and are excited by the discoveries they make each day.  Our parents are supportive of the school, and our surroundings are among the most beautiful. We invite you to be a part of your child’s education by becoming involved in our schools.




Brett Kagarise